So I just wanna put it out there like I wanna buy more things from the store … but the clerk at the store just made me feel so insecure. She was whispering and giggling all the time.

At first, I thought maybe they weren’t talking about me, but then I overheard what she said to her coworker.

“Can you believe this brat? Pft! All that money ain’t gonna help you, honey.”

People stared at me funny because of what I was doing, like what-the-f*ck-does-she-do-for-a-living kinda stare. Because I was buying a lot of stuff and easily spent $5,000 in the first few minutes in the store.

I really wanted to buy more stuff but being around such toxic employees made me feel bad about having money. I mean, yeah, I have money to spend.

So what? Does that automatically make me a bad person? Does that automatically make me the bad one here? I’m still human.

She made me feel bad about it like it was my fault being young, not being in school, and just spending my money and time shopping. Like you wouldn’t do that if you had the money I have.

Watch the video and see how she kept publicly shaming me and stuff. Hmph! This is just wrong!